Leroy Ripley's real name was Robert Ripley. He was born in Santa Rosa, California in 1890 and was a talented sportsman as well.

He moved to New york in 1913 and began drawing sports cartoons at Newtork glove. Afterwards, he lampooned sports with his cartoon, which was 'Champs and Chumps' and changed it to 'Believe it or not' after a review, became history.

Ripley added weird facts collected from human, natural science, politics, history, animal, and so on and he travelled to countries in the world as much as possible. He explored in India and oriental countries beyond countries which westerner people knew and visited unknown tribes and culture.

Even his death reminded us of 'Believe it or not'. Ripley died of a heart attack in 58 during the recording of the 13th episode of a TV series about 'Death rituals'.