Island Joy is an entertainment company which was established to introduce the biggest chain museum in the world, 'Belive or not', founded by explorer Robert L, Ripley , to Korea, which opened the 11th country and 32th museum , to provide various contents and surprising and curiosity from actual experience.

"Believe it or not" museum Jeju in unusual shape was made up of eco-materials, having gallery, outdoor park, souvenir shop and coffee shop in two story with size of 1,330㎡ ,established at the entrance of the world class resort, Jeju Jungmun tourist complex and opened on 24th of December, 2010.

Island Joy displays 700 amazing and wonderful stuffs discovered in 198 countries for 35 years's journey (Robert Ripley.1893∼1949) in a museum .

In order to display the rarest and the most precious stuffs, displays in museum are supposed to change with museum 'Believe it or not' in other countries every 3 years and precious sutffs in Korea will be also introduced to the world by us.